EVO 32 GB microSDHC Card

EVO 32 GB microSDHC Card is used to store data like photos and video. And hence they help to store precious memories. This card captures video and photo 2 times faster than typical mivcroSD.

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 The samsung EVO 32 GB microSDHC Card is a superb storage device with amazing speed it also has grade 1 and class 10 memory card, With 32 GB Capacity.  As the name itself signifies, store all your favourite memories with 2 Times Faster Speed. It’s very suited to tablets, mobile phones, smartphones etc.  It is waterproof and can survives 24 Hours in Seawater, has tolerating temperature of -25Degrees to 85 Degree Celsius and it can also resist the magnetic forces upto 13 times than typical SD Cards.




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