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Tool Makers Microscope is a measuring microscope, which is an optical device used to measure and view very fine details, shapes and dimensions on small and medium sized tools.Magnification is 10-30x;Eyepiece 10-15xwidefield; Objective magnification is 2-10x .It has Oblique Incident Variable Intensity and sub-stage illumination type.It is used for measurement of angles and for comparison measurement.

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Engineering microscopes designed to satisfy various measuring needs of toolmaker’s are known as toolmaker’s microscopes. A plain toolmaker’s microscope is primarily intended for a particular application. On the other hand, universal toolmaker’s microscope is adaptable to an uncommonly wide range of measuring tasks. A toolmaker’s microscope is designed for measurements of parts of complex forms, e.g. profile of external threads, tools, templates and gauges. It can also be used for measuring center-to-center distance of holes in any planes, as well as the co-ordinate of the outline of a complex template gauge.




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Light from lamp at the extreme right is collimated in the tube connecting the lamp to the center of instrument and is reflected as a parallel beam by the prism at the end of the tube. On its way up, this beam collects the image of the object to be inspected and this enters the microscope. Before the rays reach the eyepiece, it is turned by another prism. For the most effective manipulation, the magnified image of the work is viewed. Through the eyepiece (or is projected), superimposed on a prepared background engraved on glass disk in the eyepiece. In order to view screws along the helix angle of the thread, the whole of the column unit with the underside illuminating arrangement attached may be swung into the helix angle of the thread. The pivot upon which the column swings may be seen near its base. Most of the uses of this instruments will be on work where the shape of a profile is projected from below, but surface shapes occur such as the edge of a recess, where surrounding metal prevents light passing across the profile. These may be illuminated from above by a special attachment, which then allows the profile to be received in the normal manner, except that the intensity of light will be reduced from that received directly. 



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