Horizontal Profile Projectors

A Horizontal Profile Projector is a power based device that applies the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts.It has contour and surface illumination.Screen size ranges from 400-1000mm, Focusing ranges from 75-100mm. Profile Projector price is low and also it saves time. Ease-of-use factors and ergonomic designs reduce the inspection time, retraining costs and operator fatigue.

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Horizontal Profile Projector are used to measure manufactured parts in a wide range of industries around the world every day. Available with numerous features and options to suit many applications, comparators can be used throughout a factory, including incoming inspection areas, R&D labs, machine shops, assembly and production floors, and final inspection areas. Their versatility, range of capabilities and return on investment make comparators indispensable and integral to any quality plan. 





It’s also employed and comparing very small and complex parts, which play very significant role in system’s structure, as an application of quality.


Profile Projector can reveal imperfections such as burrs, scratches, indentations or undesirable chamfers which both micrometers or calipers can’t reveal.


They’re able to measure in 2-D space. Unlike micrometers and calipers, which measure one dimension at a time, where comparators measure length and width simultaneously.


Profile Projector save time. Ease-of-use factors and ergonomic designs reduce the inspection time, retraining costs and operator fatigue, all while increasing throughput.


Custom hard gages are subject to wear and need frequent recertification, which takes them out of service and adds an additional cost.


Dimensioning techniques designed to give more leeway to parts in relation to their true functional purpose, such as profile tolerancing and true-position tolerancing with bonuses, reduce the reject rate of good parts that might have passed had their tolerances been assigned differently. 


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