Stereo Zoom Microscope

Stereo Zoom Microscope is also known as stereoscopic or dissecting microscope, it is an optical microscope variant. It is designed for low magnification observation of a sample, by using light which is reflected from the surface of an object. It has a monocular, binocular and trinocular drawtube; It has LED and halogen illumination. Magnification ranges from 7-50x, it’s working distance is 110 – 115 mm, requiring power input of 110 – 240V.

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It is an optical microscope variant designed for low magnification observation of a sample, typically using the light reflected from the surface of an object rather than transmitted through it. This instrument uses two separate optical paths with two objectives and eyepieces to provide slightly various viewing angles to the left and right eyes. This arrangement produces a three-dimensional visualization of the sample being examined.



Application :
The stereo microscope is often used :
o    To study the surfaces of solid specimens 
o    To carry out close work such as microsurgery, dissection, circuit board, watch-making, manufacture or inspection.

They are thus widely used in :
o    Manufacturing industry for manufacture
o    Quality and Inspection  control.
o    Stereo microscopes are useful tools in entomology.

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