Optical Proximity Switches

Optical Proximity Switches are Infra-red type sensors which sense the objects. It is made of stainless steel and comes in red, grey, yellow, blue and other colors. The voltage rating ranges from 220V, 380V etc and current rating ranges from 100A, 125A etc. It is generally used in pharmacy, food industries, automobile industry, and various other industries.

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Detailed Description for Optical Proximity Switches


·         It senses any object

·         Longer Sensing Distance

·         Medium counting speed

·         High position sensing accuracy


These are Infra-red type sensors incorporating advance and reliable technology. These are offered in tubular metallic, acrylic & plastic enclosures. Special models of Optical Switches are available with an integrated Optical Fibre cable for flexible mounting and for sensing miniature objects / high temperature objects.


These switches are very useful for counting and position sensing applications in Pharmacy, Food, Paper, Plastic & Automobile industry. They also work effectively in level sensing applications for solids, grains, sand, ice and other non-metallic bulk material. 

Some typical applications are:

·         Component positioning sensing in Electronic Industry

·         Counting of bottles, Jars, Containers etc.

·         Glass sheet position sensing

·         For security & safety in Machine Tools, Presses etc.

·         Colour sensing applications


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