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Industrial Plugs Sockets, commonly referred as electric sockets are the devices which connects the electrical devices to the power supply. The product is made of Aluminium Alloy, Aluminium Cermaic, PC etc and mostly comes in Pink, Black, White colours etc. The voltage rating ranges from 110V, 150V, 220V, 250V etc and current rating ranges from 10A, 15A, 25A, 32A etc. It is generally used in homes, office, schools, etc.

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Detailed Description for Industrial Plugs Sockets


·         It can work in different working  conditions

·         Resistance of the bad weather, ageing resistance

·         Good dimensional stability and accuracy

·         Good resistance to acid alkali

·         Effectively prevent power outages and leakage.  

·         With IC protection circuit, it can stop charging automatically when your electronics finish charging.

·         It will protect your computer and personal appliances from spike in foreign electricity.

·         With USB port which can supply DC for your mobile phones, ipods, pads, travel speakers and other 5V USB powered devices.

·         This travel adapter usb with international plugs and sockets, USB port. You do not need take any other charger when taking this item to travel.


Plug for electric plug:

·         It apply high strength alloy shell and is produced according to imported standard. High temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, acid, alkali, smash resistance.

·         Silastic shell can resist high voltage and heat, soft. 25A fluoroelastomer plug, High temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, acid, alkali, smash resistance(flat plug with three holes)

·         Technique: High temperature plug is combined by copper core interface and ceramic, and made out at protection shell of outer aluminium or protection shell of silastic.

·         Purpose: Used in high temperature working environment.

·         Characteristics: It can be used as lead in the condition of below 300 °C 



·         Reliable contacts prevent stops and power breaks, which leads to increased productivity.

·         Durable equipment prevents time and cost lost due to maintenance.

·         Safe connections prevent accidents. 

·         Industrial plugs and sockets into three groups:

·         Easy & safe are high quality products for basic applications.

·         Tough & Safe are products for demanding applications and environments.

·         Critical & Safe are sockets with additional safety functions.



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