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The universal motor is a type of electric motor that can operate on both AC and DC power. It is a commutated series-wound motor where the stator's field coils are connected in series with the rotor windings through a commutator. These universal motors provide 30 - 500 watts, voltage 90-230 AC/DC, at a speed of 5000-16000 rpm.

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AGNI MOTORS is a registered trade mark company & also an ISO 9001:2000 QMS certified company incorporated in the year 2001. The  Company as a small set up & start up organisation  has  operations at No. 22, 12th Cross, Pipe line  Road,  Cholurpalya, Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560  040 until  June 2004.

The company is presently operating with an area of  7000 Sq ft  comprising of two units situated within  close vicinity at No.41 &  42, Near Gangothri Nursing  College, Hanumanthanagar, Near  Sunkada katte, Vishwaneedam - Post, BANGALORE – 560 091. The company is engaged in the Design, Development, Manufacture & supply of Electric Motors & allied products.

The company which started with a team of six people is today adequately staffed to address present & future business potential. The company’s strength is due to highly Qualified & experienced members with expertise in their relevant area of operations namely Design, Development, Toolings, production, Quality, Testing & after sales support. The company has installed state of the art & latest equipments to support manufacturing processes. This activity is further supported by In house Jigs, Fixture & Tooling department. The company also has ensured the availability of required Quality Assurance instruments / equipments to ascertain Customer satisfaction. The company started in a small way with a Turnover of 0.4 million rupees & has been constantly growing with the year 2006 – 07 closing with a Turnover of around 20 Million Rupees.

Products Features:        

Motor Features:     Universal Electromagnetic series* unidirectional Electric Motor
Watts:    30 to 500 W
Volts :    90/ 110/ 230 V ac /dc
Torque:  0.5kg-cm to 10kg-cm
Rpm:     5000 to 16000 @ Full load
Duty cycle:     Intermittent


Spring charging in Air Circuit Breakers, SF6 Circuit Breakers and Vaccum Circuit Breakers etc. * Bi-directional also provided as per customer needs.

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