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The Model TR with built-in guard rails is ideal for overhead conveying applications. It easily conveys boxes, cartons, cases, bags, etc. as well as loose parts. It is deployed in manufacturing, distribution (extensively), product handling, and warehousing application.

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These conveyors have a sheet metal frame with rollers at either end. The belt slides across the solid metal frame, giving it the name Slider Bed.  Guardrail is built onto the frame forming to keep loads on track, creating the "trough" for handling loose parts or other loads that require guard railings.  It's an inexpensive, quiet, easily-installed conveyor. Slider Bed Conveyor is suitable for light to medium loads, and is one of the most popular conveyor types in use today.

It is deployed in manufacturing, distribution (extensively), product handling, and warehousing application. Applications are many --  sorting, packing, inspection, assembly line operations, testing, etc.

  • Bed - 4" deep x 12 ga. formed with 2-1/2" high guards powder painted
  • Motor - 1/2 HP standard - 3/4 HP to 1 HP AvailableEnd Drive (standard)
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available
  • Reversible (with Center Drive)

Model TR Parts Drawing (8" End Drive):-

Length & Supports

Conveyor is available in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths for straight sections.  The length of the conveyor along with the number of supports underneath greatly determine its load capacity.  In most applications, supports should be placed in either 5 or 10 feet intervals depending on the weight of the product you are conveying.  By installing a support every 5 feet, capacity of that section increases greatly; keep in mind though that no matter how close together you place supports, the roller axles themselves also have a capacity that should not be exceeded.


Conveyor is crated and shipped in 5ft and 10ft sections, depending on the overall length of the conveyor, and will need to be bolted together on-site.  The drive assembly, reducer, and motor will shipped attached to one of these sections.  Because these sections are unattached for shipping, the conveyor belt itself will also have to be attached onsite.  Please note that this conveyor DOES NOT include electrical components or switches.

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