An endoscope is endoscopy equipment with lights attached in it. It is used to look inside a body cavity or organ. The endoscopy tube is inserted through a natural opening like mouth during a bronchoscopy or the rectum for a sigmoidoscopy. The cable length of fibre optic endoscope is less then 1.5m – more than 3m having a diameter less than 4mm – more than 6m. A battery of 4X AA (mignon) is used.

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Endoscopy is non-surgical process of examining a persons’ digestive tract. Using this flexible endoscope, doctors can view pictures of the digestive tract on a colour TV monitor since there is a camera and light attached to it. And the focus of the light attached to it is 15mm – 100mm.

For performing an upper endoscopy, an endoscope is passed through the mouth and oesophagus, easily allowing the doctor to view the internal structure. Endoscope serves as a colonscope when passed into the large intestine (colon) through the rectum to examine the mentioned area.

Types of endoscope:

Below mentioned are the few of the various types of endoscope.

1.       Encephaloscope: used for examining cavities in the brain.

2.       Laryngoscope: used to examine the larynx.

3.       Thoracoscope: used for examining the pleural cavity through an intercostals space.

4.       Nephroscope: used to examine the kidneys.

5.       Rhinoscope: used in nasal examinations.

Equipments used:

The surgical endoscopy equipment consists of following equipments:

·         Tube: either rigid or flexible.

·         Light: light is outside of the body and directs light internally via an optical fibre system.

·         Lens system: transmits the image from the internal end of the endoscope to the user.

·         Eyepiece

·         Additional channel: allows the medical instruments to be passed along the endoscope into the body.

Buying tips:

1.       This industrial endoscope is of great use to determine the cause of vomiting, abdominal pain, stomach ulcers etc. of the patient.

2.       Do consult with the seller regarding the endoscope sterilization.

Make sure if used endoscopes are checked by technicians or refurbished by the seller.

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