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Force gauges are used to measure force.They are used in the field of industry in spring testing wire testing and also food quality testing. The range of this gauge is above 30g, the size is 230*66*36mm or 333*114*307mm; the resolution of 0.05oz, 1g, 0.01N, 0.1lb, 0.1Kg, 1N and so on. The power source is AA batteries, rechargeable nickel hydride. The output type is removable SD card, USB, analog and so on. It is applicable in spring testing, wire testing, food quality and other industries.

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A force gauge (also force gage) is a small measuring component or tool used across all industries for measuring the force during a push or pull test. Applications exist for research and development, laboratory, quality, production, and field environment. There are two kinds of force gauges: mechanical and digital force gauges.




Peak automatic clear function.


Set a tolerance limit (Max/Min)


Free software to analysis ( without graph)


Synchronous test software (software is optional)


It can connect for PC to get synchronous graph,


Can reserve,


Print analysis


Reset an acceleration of gravity.


Peak hold function.






Spring testing

Wire testing

Food quality

Weld force between electrodes 


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