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Light meters are used to measure content of light in a specified area. The accuracy of this meter is +/-3%, +/-4%, +/-5%; the weight range is 116g and above; the resolution is 0.1Fc/1Lux; the range is 20,000 Lux range, 100,000 Lux range; the sampling time is 0.4 and 0.5; the height is 23mm, 30mm.The operating temperature ranges above 40 degree Celsius.

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Light meters are a device used for measuring the amount of light. In photography, a light meters are often used for determining the proper exposure to a photograph. Typically a light meter includes either digital or analog electronic circuit, which allows a photographer to determine which shutter speed and f-number should be selected for an optimum exposure, given a particular lighting situation and film speed.


The light meter is also used in the fields of cinematography and scenic design, in order for determining the optimum light level for a scene. They are used in a general field of lighting, where they can help to minimize the content of waste light used in the home, light pollution outdoors, and plants growing to make sure proper light levels.






Backlight function.


Low Battery indication, when the battery voltage drops below the operating level.


Protective cap for safe storage.


Attached with carrying strap.


Automatic and manual functioning

Maximum, Minimum function


Data hold


Peak hold


Photo range: 20,200,2000,20000,200000 LUX 20,200,2000,20000FC


Low power alarm






cinematography and scientific design












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