Brown Long Book- Navneet

Navneet brown long book are eco friendly and made up of high quality paper . Available in 68, 140 and 172 pgs.

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The paper used in this eco-buddy book is made from either bagasse, rice and wheat straw or recycled paper instead of wood.

Eco friendly.

Quality paper.

Brown cover.


About Navneet:

Navneet Education Limited (Formerly known as Navneet Publications (India) Ltd.) – founded by the Gala Family- is an educational syllabus based content provider in print & digital medium, manufacturer of scholastic Paper stationery, publisher of general & children books and also has a wide range of Scholastic Non-Paper Stationary products.


Over the years, the company has built a strong brand in Educational Content  & Scholastic Stationery gaining a leadership position.




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