A thread winding machine is used to wind different types of thread onto a spool. The spindle speed of a thread winding machine varies from 100 meter/min to 2200 meter/min and above. It is incorporated with more than three numbers of heads and more than three spindles. The electric motor speed ranges from 0.25 HP to 0.50 HP and above.

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A thread winding machine is used to prepare bigger spools of thread. This thread winding machine is completely loaded with numerous features and necessary sensors that make the machine extremely efficient.


One such feature is automatic splice initiation, which significantly increases the productivity and reduces the waste. The automatic diameter calculates the splice initiation technique and the precision sheer wheel and avail mechanism makes a clean cut without overlap. Another significant feature of the thread winding machine is web break detection, which constantly monitors the web, also referred as thread, wire etc. The sensors such as fiber optic IR measurement, contact optic or non-contact optic sensor is mounted on the machine, which sends a beam of light to detect breaks in thread.










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