Cross Cut Paper Shredder

It enables easy insertion of a bunch of papers that save time and labour. The ability to noiselessly cross-cut through 10 sheets, makes the Cross-cut Office Paper Shredder, a preferred choice for offices and organisations.

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The major portion of information security lies in the physical protection of documents. Even when they are to be discarded, they have to protected against pilferage and information espionage. Bambalio presents the innovative Cross-cut Office Paper Shredder that is guaranteed to ease your fears away. Not anymore the drudgery of inserting individual papers for destruction,  it enables easy insertion of the bunch of paper that save time and labour. The ability to noiselessly cross-cut through 10 sheets, makes the machine a perfect choice in office and organization.




Not only does the shredder manage to slice and dice papers, it also destroys plastic cards, paper clips, stapler pins, cd’s, dvd’s and discs. Featuring separate slots for credit and debit cards and discs, the shredder also comes with a unique disposal feature as it is equipped with a 20L bin that holds all that disintegrated waste for a while so you can dump it all at once. The high-tech, energy saving machine’s auto start and off mechanism is also provided with a motor reverse option that has a duty cycle of 2-3 on/20 off, making it convenient.

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