Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope
A digital storage oscilloscope also known as DSO oscilloscopes. It is available in a bandwidth of 50MHz, 70MHz;2 to 4 channels are available. Real-time sampling is 500MSa/s, 2GSa/s. It is widely used to store and analyses the signal digitally.

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A digital storage oscilloscope is also known as a DSO nano oscilloscopes, it is an electronic device that is capable to store a digital copy of the measured waveform. Using analog-to-digital converters to digitize and sample measured voltages, digital storage oscilloscope stores results in its memory, which it nearly process further using digital signal process techniques.

DSO oscilloscopes converts analog input voltages into digital waveform. Two factors determine the maximum frequency that digital storage oscilloscope can measure accurately. One is the sampling rate, which is usually measured in millions of samples per second, and the other is the nature of the analog-to-digital converter and the performs signal amplifications on each input. Upon capturing a signal, the scope stores as many samples as possible in its memory to represent the waveform.

It is Used in testing signal voltages in electronic devices such as radio broadcasting technique , televisions and audio recording equipment, a digital storage oscilloscope offers the advantage of capturing electronic events that occurred when no one was watching or which it is impossible to determine.

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