PVC Sleeves

The PVC Sleeves are chemical resistance, high tensile strength and rigidly constructed and durable sleeves. These sleeves are highly resistance to varied temperature.

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·         High quality

·         Less maintenance

·         Low temperature flexibility

·         Resistance to fats, oils and solvents

·         Opaque or transparent

·         Excellent chemical resistance

·         Resistance to varied Temperature

·         Light weight

·         High tensile strength

·         Durable



·         PVC-coated Glass Fiber Sleeving is mainly used for safeguard of wire through the wall and poured wall column. Generally the hole which through the wall was small, and people could not drill deep hole in poured wall.

·         In this occasion, it is needed to use PVCcoated Glass Fiber Tube because it is plasticity through the wall. It can be bent, can be flat, and it does not affect the anti-leakage of electricity. So it is usually use in the decoration.

·         Billows Tube is mainly used in the ceiling light wire, because the direction of bellows can be adjusted. Defect is that intensity is not good, easily damaged, and it could not through the wall.

·         PVC tube is good in anti-leakage and intensity, but poor in plasticity. Generally people used PVC-coated Glass Fiber Tube, Billows Tube, and PVC Tube in different uses in the formal construction.

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