PVC Flexible Sleeves

PVC Flexible Sleeves have flexible sturdy design with longer durability and chemical resistant. These sleeves are used in the electrical industry to give protection to the cables and wires. They UV stabilized, to protect from de-colourization.

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·         It is characterized with excellent flexibility, elasticity, dielectric properties and chemical resistance.

·         It is suitable for wiring insulation and machine protection in electric machines, electric appliances, instrument, radios and other electrical devices.

·         PVC sleeving is made from non-alkali fiberglass coated with polyvinyl chloride resin under the high temperature. With good dielectric properties, chemical resistance, excellent softness and elasticity and antigaing properties.



·         Screw-driver Yellow/Green cover

·         Metal Rod covers/sheathing

·         Plastic Bag Handles

·         Bag Cotton Handle Cover

·         Battery cords and wires sleeves

·         Cycle Locks for cord covering

·         Automotive Brake cord sleeves and tubing

·         Water Guns for Water Transfer

·         Any other insulation / sheathing purpose

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