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Easy open ends also known as EOE work as removable covers for containers, finding its primary use in the packaging industry. These lids are made using thin sheets of food grade aluminium foil which is coated with PS lacquer and are used to seal the cups or containers to prevent spillage or leaks. They are easy to use and are very reliable.

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An easy open end finds its vast uses in numerous industries, acting as an easy peel off lid for containers. The raw material used in the manufacture of an easy open end can be tin plate. The nominal dimension of the tin plate is around 80mm and the thickness ranges around 0.21mm. The lacquer tin sheet metal is available in various colours and prints to suit the buyer’s needs. There are different kinds of inside lacquer to suit different assortment of food. Epoxy phenol including gold lacquer and clear lacquer is preferred for normal food such as fruit and vegetables. Organosol lacquer is suitable for acidic food such as tomato paste.


Easy open ends are corrosion resistant, efficient, durable, light weight, damp proof etc. They are odourless, non poisonous which can be recycled, customised with images, prints, logos and so on.



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