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Plastic Jars are also known is made up of high quality plastics. These jars are mostly available in transparent, white and black colors. The plastic containers are available in round, square and rectangular shapes. These plastic bottles can handle weight of 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g and above. These jars are extensively used for commercial and domestic purposes as well as packing lotions, creams, ice-creams and other light weight materials.

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About Plastic Jars:
These Plastic Jars are extensively used for commercial and domestic purposes.  It's moisture resistance, light weight, accurate dimensional finish, leak proof features. It can be avail  in various designs and sizes as per the requirements.


Impeccable finish

Long lasting attributes

Perfectly shaped


Light in weight, durable, reliable and can be washed easily

Crack resistance


Advantages of plastic jars:

A Recyclable Material:

After first use plastic jars are recycled, These jars are used as PET and other types of plastic bottles are easily recycled into many types of secondary products, including carpet fibers, pillow stuffing, tote bags and strapping materials.The light weight of plastic bottles /jars minimizes the cost of transporting materials to recycling  Some beverage bottles and nonfood containers also use recycled plastic.

They are Rugged and Safe:

Unlike glass containers jars also useful in different ways, plastic bottles/plastic jars are rugged and resilient; they don’t shatter into sharp pieces when dropped, making products and packaging safe to handle. They are mostly available in different dimensions. The same resilience makes plastic bottles unlikely to leak or burst, protecting the contents as well as exterior shipping cartons. Because plastics are polymers -- long molecules made by linking many short ones together ,they have useful physical properties such as toughness and resistance to chemicals.

Energy Savings:

Plastic bottles are lighter in weight than their glass counter parts, reducing energy and costs required to ship products. Because plastics are soft and have relatively low melting points, plastic bottles take less energy to manufacture than glass.

Shapes and Colors:

Plastic materials are easy to mold into a wide variety of bottle shapes, improving their appearance and utility. In addition to content, plastic Jars can range from crystal clear to any shade or color, whether translucent or opaque, making products and brands easy to identify by sight. Plastic bottles require no paint; the coloring material is mixed into the plastic resin, so it never runs, rubs or washes off.For example, manufacturers incorporate integral handles, measurement marks and pouring lips into some types of plastic bottles.


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