Collapsible Tubes

Collapsible tube is otherwise simply known as a tube. It is a soft squeezable container which can be used for storing thick liquids like adhesive, caulking, ointment, toothpaste etc available in diameter ranging from 13mm to 50mm and capacity of 5ml to 250ml. They are produced in various colours ranging from white, transparent, matt finish and others. This maybe produced using plastic, aluminium and so on.

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A collapsible tube finds its use primarily in the packaging industry. Both ends of the tube are treated differently during the manufacturing process. In case of aluminium tubes, the other open end is folded several times after the contents have been added. Aluminium tubes are produced by impact extrusion wherein the tube body is extruded from a small piece of aluminium with the round shape of a coin. Tubes are also produced using plastic, mostly known as PE. They retain their shape after each squeeze.


Tubes are available in various capacities right from 5ml to 250ml, with screw up caps, tip nozzle and pump sprayer cap in multi colours like red, blue, green, white, transparent, glossy finish, matt finish etc.  Tubes are preferred particularly in the packaging industry owing to their ability to store products with maximum convenience. 

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