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Seedling tray, which is also referred as plug in horticulture terminology are used to grow small size plants in trays. Normally, these trays are made of expanded polystyrene or polythene. It is available in different sizes and dimensions.

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Seed tray cells are used to grow small plants in an expanded polystyrene or polythene tray, which is completely filled with compost or peat. These trays are used to grow vegetable plants and bedding plants for commercial purpose.  The plants grown on seedling trays are ready to be transplanted into containers. The planting trays reduce the time a crop spend on ground substantially and grows neatly in a limited space.  This is highly essential for commercial purposes as the gardener cannot pluck the well grown plant from the ground and sale them. It may eventually hurt the plant and it may not grow well when planted on a different ground. Hence, the seedling trays are high in demand as it serves the demand and supply process efficiently.

Besides, seedling trays augment yields as a healthy grown plant will grow rapidly and symmetrically when planted on ground. Raising some types of plants on ground can be challenging, hence, seedling trays proven to be beneficial for inexperienced gardeners. These trays is essential for gardeners who desire to try planting different variety of plants without purchasing numerous seeds and take up the challenge of growing on ground.

Interplanting the existing plants with ideally companion plants augment the productivity, which in turn maximizes the productivity. It is a known fact that a sown crop may not able to compete with established seedling tray plants in terms of growth and symmetry. Plants gown on seedling trays is easier to weed compared with sown seedlings as weeding need not to be done regularly.

Besides, the semi grown plants simplifies designing a container as plants have already grown, the time to attain healthy growth is reduced drastically. Within the days of planting into a new container, it shows the sign of healthy grow by perking up the leaves and root anchor deep into the soil.


Ideal product to grow different variety of plants

It is lightweight, sturdy and durable

It is easily stackable and re-usable

It is crack resistant and bears high load


Tough and Sturdy

Easy to clean and sterilize

Smooth designing for easy handle

Environment friendly – material can be re-used and recycled

Roots of seedling plants grows to its finest and healthy size

Increases the productivity whilst saving the required landscape size

It is easy to handle during transportation






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Selecting a tray Posted on 8/12/2016

Check the compartment size of a seedling tray in order to grow healthy plants.

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