Tranfers & Turntable Conveyors

Transfer units and turntables are essential elements for flexible pallet transport. This means that each automation solution is unique. Turntables and transfer units connect different conveyor lines and change the transport direction of the pallets as needed.

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Smooth, stable and reliable load rotation ensures proper load orientation.

  • Positive conveyance of a wide range of loads
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Smooth and reliable rotation
  • Easy integration with other types of pallet conveyor

Pivoting Chain Transfers

Cost-effective method to merge loads from multiple lanes into a common conveyor line.

  • Combines chain-driven live roller with multi-strand chain conveyor into a common base
  • Reduces the number of drives required in the pallet transfer system
  • Executes transfers with minimal impact on load integrity
  • Fully-integrated assembly reduces installation time

Right Angle Transfers

Facilitates a 90-degree change in direction of pallet flow.

  • Transfer activation using heavy-duty industrial air bags, air cylinders or motors
  • Fully-integrated assemblies reduce installation time
  • Electrically operated transfers suitable for freezer applications
  • Wide range of styles for specific applications

Painted steel frame c/w height adjustable, galvanised steel feet
Bearing mounted, galvanised steel
rotating platform.
Frequency controlled rotary drive
Mounted conveyor module
Limit switch

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