Hand Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck which is used for loading and unloading of heavy material.The main features are its high performance, low maintenance and easy handling which makes it a widely appreciated product.

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Hand pallet truck is specially designed to lift and transport the widest variety of loads in stores and warehouses. Easy and convenient to work with, the trucks are fast and reliable for a vast range of meterial and goods handling jobs.

 Hand Pallet Truck is also equipped with a one-piece "C" section forks for greater strength and a sully-strengthened chassis along inside of forks. The Manual Hand Pallet Truck also has bushed metal to metal parts that do not require any greasing and it also has a control lever with three-positions of up, neutral and down.

·         Release lever with neutral position allows fingertip control

·         Loop handle with safety design returns to upright position automatically

·         Articulating steering wheels and load wheels made of polyurethane for easy glide

·         Load weight is evenly distributed using solid bellcranks



Body and frame

Almost any kind of load can be carried by the strong, torsion-resistant steel construction. Lead-in/lead-out rollers under the fork tips enable pallets to be entered across the bottom deckboards.


Easy-running wheels made of hard-wearing polyurethene keep rolling resistance low. Two pieces wheel frame, avoiding rope to be wraped in.


·         Easy to use

·         Hassle-free performance

·         Low maintenance

·         High load bearing capacity

·         Durable finish goods

·         Corrosion resistance

·         No oil leakage

·         Minimum maintenance

·         Requires minimum pulling power

·         Maximum maneuverability

·         Silent in operation

·         Excellent quality

·         Sturdy design


·         Durability


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