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Pallet truck, which is also known as pallet jack, pallet pump or pallet jigger is used to lift and move pallets from one place to another. It is similar to forklift, used to lift most heavy pallets in the warehouse.

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The pallet truck is drove by a tiller like lever that acts as a handle to lift and raise the jack. A small handle on a tiller discharges hydraulic fluid that causes the forks to lower at ease. The front wheels inside the end of the forks are attached on lever which is then attached to the linkages which in turn attached to the jack cylinder. As the hydraulic jack is raised, the link push the wheels down, which in turn raises the fork vertically above the wheels. Most of the times, these jacks are used to move pallets from one place to another and organize them inside a trailer, particularly when the forklift is unable to reach.



There are two types of pallet jack, manual and powered. The manual pallet jack is lifted by manpower. It is most widely used in retail and warehouses where considerable weights of pallets are moved to different places.

The powered pallet trucks, which is also referred as electrical pallet jacks, walkies, power jack are motorized to lift and move heavy stacked pallets. Some of the powered pallet trucks consists a platform for a user to stand while shifting the pallets. Normally, this truck is moved by a throttle that can move forward or in reverse direction to transport pallets. Some machines are integrated with dead man’s switch to stop the machine immediately, while it is in use.



Easy to operate

Demands minimum pulling power

Leak proof design

Silent in operation


Rubber bonded handle









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Seema S

Don't neglect the wheel type Posted on 8/18/2016

Wheel type is one of the most important features of a pallet truck, which is available in different types. The nylon wheels offer low rolling resistance and low steering effort, simultaneously protecting against possible wear and tear. Hence, give utmost importance for wheel selection.

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