Pocket Tissues

travel tissues is a type of thin, soft, disposable paper used for nose-blowing. They are disposable alternatives for cloth handkerchiefs. It is available in different fragrances.

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Detailed Description for Pocket Tissues


The surface is made smoother by light calendering. These paper types consist usually of 2–3 plies. Because of high quality requirements the base tissue is normally made entirely from pure chemical pulp, but might contain added selected recycled fiber. The tissue paper might be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfume to get the right properties or "feeling". The finished  handkerchiefs are folded and put in pocket-size packages or a box dispenser.



·         Black leather valet case 

·         Velour lining protects

·         Elegant PU leather with contrast stitching

·         3 uncovered compartments for more storage for remote controller, mobile and other belongs

·         Optional personalized logo by embossed, silk print.

·         Handy and portable

·         Soft

·         Available in different fragrances.

·         Suitable for food application

·         Clean and hygienic condition



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