Blister Packaging Machine

This product is highly flexible and economical solution for blistering not only for pharmaceutical but also for confectionery and other consumer products.The power ranges from 6.2KW and above,speed ranges from 180cycle/min and above.Material used is stainless steel.

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Working Process of Blistring Packing Machine:-

  • In pharmaceutical industry Blister Packaging Machines are used for the packing tablets, capsules, pills and other similar products packing.
  • The packing process start with the capsules or tablets being loaded into a hopper and then into a feeder, which in turn can either be linear feeder or a brush box feeder depending on the shape of the product and also the material to be used.
  • Heated rollers in the machine use different plastic films to form blisters that are subsequently filled with tablets.
  • Some machines make use of aluminum foil to form blisters.
  • Machines are manufactured according to the size, depth and material used to form blisters.
  • After tablets have been inserted in the formed blisters, cavities are heat sealed using foil.
  • Blister Sealing Machines are used to seal filled plastic blister to a piece of coated carton board, by heat. The blister is kept in the sealing die which has the same shape as that of the cavity. The cavities are then filled and sealed by a foil suing heat.
  • Blister Trimming Machines are used for cutting, trimming the sealed blister or formed blister packs in individual pieces or bunch.


·         Universal feeder assembly ensures compatiblity between different feeding channels

·         Jaw type key less less mechanism for easy placement of base and lidding material

·         Low level sensor with alarm indication for base and lidding material

·         End of base and lidding material detection with machine auto stop

·         Provision for extra base film reel holder reducing down time

·         Fine adjustment screw for movement of channels along and across the web

·         Provision for downstream automation with good pack diverter

·         Phase Failure detection

·         No height adjustment for guid track mounting

·         Tool less change over

·         Splice detection with auto feeding stop

·         Auto stop of machine if product found out of pocket



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