Tablet Counting Machine

These machines does a good job in counting tablets of varied sizes, shapes and types with utmost accuracy and faster rate. The weight of the tablet coating machine varies from 100 kg and above, which is according to the set requirements. The speed ranges from 10 bottles/min and above. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industries.

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Tablet Counting Machine

The tablet counting machine consists of counting heads, (which varies according to the model type) and three tracks.  Track is designed in such a way that, irrespective of capsule size, the machine works constantly. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical industries to pack tablets and capsules either in sheets, bottles or containers.


Working Principle

This machine is used to count and full tablets or capsules in plastic jars or glass bottles in bulk quantity. The counting disc mounted on top of the machine enables to fill tablets and each disc in the machine designed to count coated or uncoated tablets, which can be a hard or a soft capsule. The tablet counting machine consists of three to four tracks, which can fill three to four containers at a time. A single track is dedicated for a single counter and thus the more number of tracks, the more number of bottles are filled. This strategy enhances the output wherein more bottles are filled within a stipulated timeframe. Nonetheless, the RPM varies according to the product.

The delivery chute mechanism directs the capsules from counting disc to the filler tubes, which is made suitable for different sizes of capsules. This machine is also integrated with hopper that blows off dust or any third party material. It ensures a dust free passage for capsules till it reach containers.   



Ideal to pack all types of capsules and caplets

Multi-track counting augments the productivity

Easy to handle and customize according to the needs i.e. no container, no fill operation

Efficient microprocessor base



Reduces human intervention during manufacturing process

Zero calibration

High efficiency and accuracy

Reliable for bulk manufacturing







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Seema S

OUTPUT SPEEDS Posted on 8/19/2016

If there's a confusion regarding which tablet counting machine is to be choosed but knows the output to be achieved than it's better to refer charts ( Should be provided by the company) in which one can see estimated outputs for each tablet counter and can get an idea of the tablet counting machine that fits to requirements. The output of each tablet counter will vary depending on the tablet size, number of counts per container and the type of container. Some of the common charts are below : Output Models Up to 1000 AC 1000 Tablet Counter Up to 2000 AC 2000 Tablet Counter Up to 4000 AC 4000 Tablet Counter Up to 6000 or Above Slat Counters

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