Tube Filling Machine

These tube fillers fill products in cylindrical metal / laminate / plastic tubes and close it absolutely safely and symmetrically.The power of the machine ranges from 2KW and above,the tube diameter ranges from 15mm and above.Used in Packaging Line,Assembly Line and so on.

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This machine is designed for manual infeed of tubes but will automatically fill and seal the tubes. Tube coding in the seal area and tube trimming are also automatic operations performed prior to tube discharge.

Tube Filling Process:-

  • The empty tubes are first loaded in the cassette, which then travels through the guides to be held in the feeder by vacuum.
  • The tube is then fed into the tube holder by the feeder.
  • The tube holders are fitted on the circular turret which intermittently takes the tube to all the stations.
  • The tube then passes through the centering station which presses the tube from top and lodges it into the tube holder.
  • It then travels to the orientation station for positioning the ‘I’ mark. Here the tube is lifted and revolved. The moment the ‘I’ mark comes in front of the scanner, the tube stops revolving and comes down.
  • It is then carried to the filling station where the dosing action of the piston in the cylinder forces out the required volume of material through the hose pipe onto the suck back device and then from the nozzle into the tube.
  • The tube then travels through the individual pressing, crimping and coding stations after which it is ejected out at the ejecting station.
  • In case of lami/plastic tubes, after the filling station, the tube travels to the hot air blowing station where hot air is blown onto the inside of the end of the tube by a nozzle having holes on its periphery.
  • The tube then goes to the sealing station where the tube is pressed and sealed. It then travels to the dual coding & trimming station where the tube is first coded with metal stereos on the seal and the irregular shape at the tube end is trimmed by a set of blades.
  • It is then ejected out at the next station.

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