Extruder Machine

An extruder machine is machinery which pushes or pulls the material through a shaped die to form a continuous length of product wih a predefined cross-section. The extrusion process is used to produce a large number of commercial products including steel or copper wire, plastic tubes, plastic sheets and other food types. The barrel material is bimetallic and the size of the machine varies with the requirement.

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An extrusion machine can be used for producing a large number of products from an equally large range of raw materials. It is a quality alternative to other manufacturing procedures as it allows a larger section of profiles and is suitable to use with brittle matrerials too.

In industries, plastics are extruded to create food packaging films, insulations, automotive parts and tubing products like plumbing pipes. Rods, pipes, wires, steel conduits and other construction members are formed off the extrusion of steel and alloys. Food and pharmaceutical industries also make remarkable use of such machines to produce products like cereals, pasta, cookies etc.

In few more extrusion applications, explicitly those using plastics, the materials to be extruded needs to be heated to melting point before being used. These applications use a twin screw extruder machine.

Types of Extruder Machine:

There is a variety of extruder machine found in the market which all perfrom  the different functionalities depending up on the material being used.

⦁ Plastic Extruders: Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted to a conintuous profile. Several items such as pipe, fencing, deck railings, thermoplastic coatings and wire insulation etc could be produced by plastic extruders.


Type of dies used in plastic extrusion:

There are various number of dies used for the plastic extrusion process.

1. Blown Film Extrusion: Used to manufacture plastic films for products like shopping bag.

2. Sheet/film Extrusion: Used to extrude plastic sheets which are too thick to be blown.

3. Tubing Extrusion: PVC pipes is manufactured using similar dies as used in blown film extrusion.

4. Over jacketing Extrusion: A typical process for insulating wires. This die allows for an application of an outer layer of plastic on to an existing wire or cable.

5. Coextrusion: It is the extrusion of multiple layers of materials simultaneously.

6. Extrusion Coating: It incorporates using a blown or cast film process to coat an additional layer on to an existing rollstock of paper, foil or film.



Finding the right equipment for the production of varied materials is always a top concern. Extrusion is one of the best processes used in the industries. Below is the few of the benefits of extrusion.

⦁ Higher production rate: It helps to significantly increase the rate of construction.

⦁ Costs less: Extrusion machine gets the production and maintenance cost lowered up to an extent.

⦁ Versatility: This machine is not limited to specific set of materials which it can extrude. It allows the owner to change the materials according to the needs of customer.          All it needs is that dies have to be made a certain way for them to work.



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