Teflon Tape

Teflon Laminated Tapes comes with high temperature adhesive support which makes these more flexible as well as longer lasting in terms of working. Ideally suited for working in extreme environments, these low wicking and superior endurance based tapes can be offered in different width options to choose from.

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About Product:-

Teflon tape is a great way to ensure that you get a water tight seal on pipe joints. When used correctly, Teflon tape can help ensure that threaded connections come together smoothly as well as preventing leaks.


Features :-

Suitable for use in areas where stretch/conformity is required

Tapes providing superior balance between heat transfer, release and flexibility

Come with higher elongation strength

Comes with superior release properties

Not affected by chemicals

Have low friction properties that make these suitable for mechanical applications


Applications :

Heat sealing applications

High temperature roller wrapping

Suitable for areas with chemical influx


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