A chiller is an industrial machine, which removes heat from a liquid through vapour-compression and absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid is then circulated through heat exchanger in order to cool equipment.

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The working principle of an industrial chiller is driven by a heat source, which is delivered by the chiller through steam and hot water or through combustion. Industrial chiller requires less electrical power which can be appx 15kw for both solution pump and refrigerant pump. However, electricity is more consumed for industrial equipment and some large heat input requirements such as cooling towers. In energy efficiency point of view and high-grade heat generation, absorption chillers are the best.

Chiller uses water as a refrigerant and lithium bromide as an absorbent. The combination of these two makes a perfect cycle and the entire process takes place in a complete vacuum.

A dilute lithium bromide of 60% concentration is collected at the base of the absorber shell. The hermetic solution is then pumped through a shell and tube for pre-heating.

After leaving the heat exchanger from pre-heating, the dilute solution move towards the upper shell, which is then surrounded with a bundle of tubes that carry steam/hot water. It is then transferred to the pool of dilute lithium bromide solution. Once the solution boils, the refrigerant vapour travels into the condenser and leaves concentrated lithium bromide solution.

The refrigerant vapour then travels through mist eliminators and then towards the condenser tube bundle. The resultant vapour then condenses on tubes.

Application of chillers

Waster energy plants

Large scale industries

Petroleum and chemical industries

Printing industries

Pump mill

Palm oil production industries


Landfill gas industries

Biogas industries

Coal Bed Methane

Geothermal industries

Solar industries


Freon-Free industrial machine

Eco friendly equipment, which is completely free from global warming gases such as CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon), or HFC (Hydro chlorofluorocarbon) or HCFC

Supplies chill water by using various sources of energy such as gar, steam, oil and waste heat


Operates with extremely less electrical power

















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Consider industrial chiller specifications, total life cycle cost, power source, and chiller cooling capacity and evaporator capacity before you purchase.

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