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Air hoses are used in underwater diving, such as scuba diving, to carry air from the surface or from air tanks or diving pumps to the diver. Air hoses are therefore a necessary part of standard diving dress and any type of surface supplied diving equipment. They are an essential part of scuba diving equipment, used to deliver pressurized air from the first stage of a diving regulator to the other components.

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Air Hose offered provides for optimum durability and flexible usage value with its lightweight construction finish and low drag resistance making these deliver optimum functional support in varied industrial applications. Other than this, these oil hoses are also non-marking and oil resistant while providing stable usage under cold temperatures to -40°C. Some of its features include finding usage suitability in construction and manufacturing sectors, medium oil resistance based tubes, polyester yarn based reinforcement support, working temperature range between -40°C to 158°C and others.


·         Superior quality

·         Robust construction

·         Durable

·         Hose designed to provide for flexible usage

·         Offering durable and anti-erosion construction finish

·         This product is light weight, soft texture, easy to handle.

·         The surfaces is matte finishing, not easy to be soiled, easy to clean.



·         Adaptable to high pressure conditions

·         Offering high pressure resistance

·         Offering easy handling and lasting service support

·         Provides for good flexibility and durability

·         Resistive against chemicals, abrasion and adverse climate

·         Meets international standards



·         Machine building

·         Electric automatic control system

·         Vehicle building

·         Heavy equipment

·         Electric power plant

·         Metro

·         Electric locomotive



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