Stainless Steel Hose

Stainless Steel Hose are available in braiding of Stainless Steel wire to take care of external damage and to increase pressure ratings. Common applications include fluid transfer for process industries, oil burners, misalignment.

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Stainless Steel Hose is manufactured from high grade factor inputs and installed with flanged fittings for suitability in high temperature applications. Stainless Steel Hose are highly acknowledged in the market for their optimum quality, high tensile strength and longer functional life. The offered range finds it applications in numerous plastic, food, electronic, grinding manufacturing and electrical industries.

There is no damage to hose body caused by welding heat, adopting mechanical clinching assembly, the structure is tight and with reasonable craft, it has low cost and long life compare with welding type. The unique simple connection to the pipeline make it the best choice for piping work, especially for low, high temperature and high frequency vibration ambient.



·         Solar water heater or other types of water heater

·         Piping of bathroom and Toilet

·         Plumbing fixtures of special container, low and high cistern

·         Hot and cold plumbing installation 

·         Machinery field 

·         Used on food-touch pipe connection  

·         Alternative plumbing pipe instead of copper

·         Gas Pipe




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