Dredge Hose

Dredge Hose is used to transport sediments along with dredging boats. Featuring resistance to high pressure, seawater, bending and high abrasion. Dredging hose is mainly applied to river and harbor construction, land reclamation and dredging, to extend the distance of the water dredging.

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·         Superior quality

·         Completely tested

·         Crack proof

·         Optimal flexibility

·         Enhanced durability

·         Made from quality rubber materials

·         Customization possible with flange sizing

·         Optional lining effects possible

·         Excellent Weathering & UV resistance

·         High Pressure rating also available

·         Resistance to abrasion.

·         High tenacity

·         End fittings are also available.



·         Providing for long lifespan under normal conditions

·         Offering good corrosion resistance

·         Having superior crack growth resistance

·         Having little friction coefficient

·         Offering excellent wear resistance

·         Offering good soldering support

·         Offering good flexibility and anti-scratch ability

·         Having high impact resistance

·         Light weight construction finish

·         Allows for easy transportation and installation



·         Rhino tough hard suction hose features a custom-blended rubber lining that resists the most severe cutting and abrasive action

·         Spring steel helix wire with multiple synthetic textile reinforcement provides for full vacuum, kink resistance and vibration dampening



·         Hard-wall (SDH) and soft-wall (SDS) stern discharge hose are designed to meet your needs

·         Hard-wall where bend radius is controlled, soft-wall where kinking is unavoidable



·         Only the best RHINO’s unique construction includes use of nonwicking high tensile synthetic tire cord

·         Guarantees no-swell O.D. under pressure

·         No "ply ratings" the number of plies stated is actual count



·         Dredge Pipe Lines

·         Mining Pipes

·         Conveyors

·         Ports

·         Canals

·         Rivers

·         Lakes



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