Straight Hose

Straight Hose are famous for accurate engineering, crack resistance, elevated resistant to temperature, sturdiness, dimensionally accurate and long lasting. It has features like Precision engineered, Easy to install, Abrasion resistant finish, High resistance to temperature etc.

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·         Resistant to corrosion

·         Durable quality

·         Well designed

·         Accurate dimension

·         Easy to install

·         Sturdy construction

·         Custom made lengths

·         Lightweight

·         Easy handling due to its good flexibility

·         Cadmium & silicone free

·         Resistant to acids, alkali and most inorganic chemicals

·         Resistance to sparks from welding and grinding

·         Long service life


·         High temperature resistant

·         Non-reactive to biological fluids

·         Unaffected most water soluble materials

·         Sterilized through steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide & gamma radiation

·         Resistant to oxidation, ozone and radiation

·         Discards bacterial growth



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