A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Air compressor is a widely used machine and it has applications in about all the industries.

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An air compressor is a device that converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc.) into potential energy stored in pressurized air (i.e., compressed air). By one of several methods, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When tank pressure reaches its upper limit the air compressor shuts off. The compressed air, then, is held in the tank until called into use. The energy contained in the compressed air can be used for a variety of applications, utilizing the kinetic energy of the air as it is released and the tank depressurizes. When tank pressure reaches its lower limit, the air compressor turns on again and re-pressurizes the tank.

Air compressor is a widely used machine and it has applications in about all the industries. Hence people should know the basic working principle of an air compressor. An air compressor works with the help of a motor which can be powered by various energy forms. It can be powered by electrical energy, diesel or other forms of energy. Now utilizing the energy the motor of the compressor compresses the air up to a certain limit which again varies from compressor to compressor. This form of compressed air can be stored in large tanks and used as per requirement. Compressed air is stored in the form of potential energy and when used it converts into kinetic energy. You will find various types of air compressor in the market but to find the best one is a tough job. You need to understand your requirement before selectingan air compressor.

The different types of air compressors can be explained in details and people should also try to understand the functionalities of all types of air compressor. It becomes easy for them to choose an air compressor once the functionality is known.


The very common type of air compressor is the reciprocating type. This type of air compressor is widely available in the market as it is one of the best compressors. The reciprocating type of air compressor is used in many domestic purposes and also in certain industries. It basically uses a piston to compress the air and then store in a tank for future use. It is very reasonably priced and people can also maintain it easily.


The second type of air compressor is the rotatory screw air compressor. It has two helical screws which when rotated in the right direction the air gets compressed. In this type also there are two categories known as the oil free and oil injected. The advantage of this type of compressor is that the noise level is very low and hence can be used anywhere. The second advantage is very less heat generation is there and hence the discomfort level is less. The third type of air compressor is known as the scroll air compressor which compresses the air with help of a spiral system. It has the simplest design with absolutely no noise while operation.

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