Pavement breakers

Pavement breaker with high impact energy and extreme durability. Active vibration control offers safe, comfortable use, increasing productivity. Excellent breaking performance on concrete floors, paths, pavements, roads and asphalt.

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Hand-operated pneumatic paving breakers usually use solid steel drills and are not equipped for automatic rotation. One type of tool is valve-actuated, another is valveless. Heavy machines of about 80 pounds (36 kg) are used to break concrete pavement, foundations, and boulders. Medium breakers, weighing about 50 to 70 pounds (23 to 32 kg), are employed when breaking light concrete floors.

1. Comfortable feel the side handle


2. Quick pick chuck holding system


3. High rigid aluminium fuselage, and internal resin shell , composition 


4. High durability , high strength double insulation of motor structure


5.High chushing damage performance and low vibration amd low noise


6.the side handle can be rotated 360°around the tool, to make more convenient performance.


7.with adjustable guide ruler, to guarantee the precision of drilling depth.


8.fitting human engineering design of the soft griping handle, to approve more amenity.



9.with impactive button on the side of the tool, to distinguish impact, hammer and drill junction.


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