Bubble wrap is a flexible clear or translucent plastic material consisting of copious amounts of air pockets chiefly used for packing fragile items and as cushioning material for shipment purposes. Incessantly spaced, bulging air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items and these are usually of 6.0mm-25.4mm in diameter with about 4.0mm of height and usually are sold in a shell roll.

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Bubble wraps enables cushioning for sensitive items or frangible objects are ordinarily available in different bubble sizes, depending on the body of the article being packed, also on the extent of cushioning armour required. Successive layers might be needed to bestow shock isolation. Commonly used materials to manufacture Bubble wraps are low density polythene, recycled polythene. Bubble wrap is today’s hot cake when it comes to keeping packing materials safe and sound.

1.    Provides good protection, ergo minimum material is required to pack, which reduces overall expenditure of package.
2.    Its characteristic of being lightweight saves the suppliers from freight charges when compared to other protection materials.
3.    Bubble wrap is also an environmental friendly product and is reusable.
4.    Bubble wrap is a wonderful, cost effective packaging material.
5.    Bubble wrap is also moisture resistant which helps waterproof the product during the time of shipment.


1.    Bubble bags: A simple bag made out of bubble wraps that is easy to use, best suited for quick wrapping.
2.    Plain Bubble Bags - to armour general purpose items. 
3.    Antistatic Bubble Bags – this protects delicate electronics and other parts from static damage.
4.    Lightweight bubble wrap rolls: Helps in cushioning light duty or lightweight items and also maintains the integrity of the appearance of the objects.
5.    Medium duty bubble wrap rolls: Helps in cushioning medium weighted items and also helps in interleaving.
6.    Heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls: Helps in cushioning heavy items such as engines, automobile parts, motors etc.
7.    Bubble mailers: An envelope with bubble wraps that helps in armouring mobile phones, jewellery, and general products. 


Bubble Diameter: 6mm-25.4mm, Height 4mm.

Width: 250mm, 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm



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Seema S

What size of bubblewrap to pick? Posted on 8/12/2016

Bubble wraps come in various sizes. 3/8 of inch(diameter) is the most common size for bubble wrap. It is ideally suited for light to medium weight items.

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