Air Bubble Wrap

These sheets are available in 30-120 GSM with thickness 1mx70mm -1mx100m. These sheets offer cushioning & scratch protection against packaging of fragile and breakable items such as costly vases, glassware, watches, jewellery, cases, antique items and rare paintings etc. . It serves to fill the voids inside a packaging box and protect your product from shifting, vibration and the damage caused by this to your product

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Air Bubble Rolls offers cushioning & scratch protection far superior than to packaging paper and are used to protect items during shipping & storage. Bubble wrap is lightweight , water resistant , reusable non-scratching  & is used for packaging fragile items. It can also be used to cushion medium to heavy weight products in various industries.


Type with application:

1. Bubble bags: Quick & Easy to use, Ideal for faster wrapping

2. Antistatic Bubble Bags– to protect sensitive electronic parts and components from static damage

3. Lightweight/Standard bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning lightweight products, interleaving and surface protection

4. Medium duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning of medium weight products, interleaving

5. Heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning heavier items such as shipping motors, compressors, valves etc.

6. Bubble mailers or Bubble envelopes: Used to protect CD’s, DVD’s, videocassettes, jewelry, antiques, valuables in shipping



1. Light weight - reduces freight and packaging costs

2. Transparent – enabling visual inspections of the product

3. Moisture resistant

4. Protecting surface against abrasion

5. Easy to use

6. Good insulation properties

7. Elastic and strong

8. Multiple use

9. Easy to trim by hand tools and trimming machines




Air bubble roll are highly efficient and sturdy, our quality air bubble rolls keeps products safe against all odds and the Solid non-Permeable film surface stops convective heat loss and infiltration and offers cushioning and protection against breakage and damage during transit or storage. Resilience, flexibility, and resistance to shocks and abrasions including excellent mechanical properties. Resistant to moisture, fungi and corrosive chemicals. Clean, hygienic and dust free. Enhances product life and improves product presentation. Superior durability & structure strength.




It can be widely used for electronics, instruments, handcrafts, ceramics, furniture, glassware. It also can be made into bags, being printed or mixing with antistatic agent to make anti-static bubble film or being laminated with other materials( like aluminum foil, EPE ).


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