Dunnage Bag

Dunnage air bag are light weight bags, which is also referred as firestone air bags. It is available in khaki paper, earthy brown and white colors. These bags have a pressure ratings of 2.9-9.1psi. It is available in sizes like 50x100, 80x120, 100x180. It is widely used for bulk and palatalized cargo, coils, and barrels.

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Dunnage air bag is mainly used in cartons, boxes, and containers for protecting the loads against impact. It is Smooth finish, Reusable, Light weight, Load restraint in features.

Dunnage airbags consist of closed chambers made from an elastic film filled with air. When at rest, only the static load generated by the weight of the package contents bears. When dynamic loads occur, these are absorbed by compression of the cushion.

The quantity of inflation air may be varied in accordance with some properties and requirements of the package contents. Dunnage bags are commercially available in various sizes and designs,thicknesses ranging from spheres, standard cushions to corner and edge cushioning and tubular cushioning


> Cost effective

> Eco-friendly

> High resistance against punctures

> Fast to use

> High moisture resistance

> Easy to remove at destination

> Made from 100% recyclable raw materials

> Light weight

> Time saving

> Easy to deflamate

> Safe for users & receivers

> Re-usablility


Dunnage bags can be used to stabilize and protect cargo during all sorts of transportation. Dunnage bags are placed in the void between the cargo. Dunnage bags can be used in all modes of transportation. Besides being usable in all means of transportation, almost every type of cargo can be secured with the use of dunnage bags, including break bulk and palatalized cargo, coils, barrels, cases, and crates.

Dunnage bags are very safe to use for both the shipping and receiving end of transportation, and are waterproof and inflammable. They inflate rapidly with compressed air, and are easy to install; compressed air is often available through an outlet in the truck's compressed air system.

Important in the usage of dunnage bags is that the size of the bag is determined by the void. If this does not match then the bags will not do their work properly with potential large damage to cargo and customers. For air cushions it is important to avoid damage as a result of wear and tear. dunnage Air cushions should never be used as fillers against doors or any non-rigid surfaces or partitions.



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