Thermocol Sheets

Thermocol Sheets are available in white, black, red or custom color with the density of 20kg/m3-28kg/m3. Anti static, shockproof and cushion are its types. The protective packing sheets are used in many fields like packing, architecture, electrical engineering and to name a few.

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It is used for Transportation vibration from conveyors, trucks, railroads, or aircraft can also damage some items. Shock and vibration are controlled by cushioning so that the chance of product damage is greatly reduced.
electronic components, electrical consumer goods,Pharmaceutical products, Toys or horticultural and garden products, all of these products arrive at their destination in perfect conditions protected with eps packaging with foam rolls. Moreover, eps embodies the best alternative in terms of cost, versatility and efficiency.


     Light and strong.
    Good flexiblility and cushioning capabilities.
    Stable after continuous impact.
    Excellent seasonal durability.
    Good shock proofing and sound insulation.
    Easy mould processing.
    Low heat conductivity rate and good heat insulation.
    Single foamy material, non-water-absorbing.
    Foamy and waterproof-strong buoyancy.
    Minimum foam, smooth surface, and easily colored.

It can be used in many fields like packing, architecture, electrical engineering fields, etc. Because EPE has good cushioning and shock proofing capabilities, it can be widely used in  handicrafts, gift wares, wood wares, glass, porcelain, architecture waterproof linings,furniture, appliances, instruments, carpet under-layers, sound insulation, travel cases, heat preservation for pipes.

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