EPE Foam Sheet

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is an impact absorbing foam. It comes in sheets or planks that are 48" x 72 " overall, and come in thicknesses including 1", 2", 4" and 6", as well as in a range of densities. Ideal for packaging fabrication applications in markets including automotive, military, sensitive equipment, fragile products, electronics, tools, hardware and much more.

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It is a closed cell foam, which is flexible and lightweight.  An environmentally-friendly product, it can be recycled easily, and is 100% non-toxic.Expanded Polyethylene Foam, sometimes also referred to as bead board in the industry, that provide outstanding energy absorption characteristics, weight to strength ratio, high thermal resistance, and are resistant to water, oils and most chemicals and are available in a variety of densities.



Outstanding resilience and multi-directional impact resistance

Multiple-strike energy management

Superior compressive strength

Excellent surface protection and abrasion resistance

Excellent thermal insulation properties

Moisture and weather resistance

High static load limits

Dimensional stability

Easily fabricated


Highly resistant to most chemicals

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