Thermocol Sheets

These sheets are available in various sizes of 3050 mmX 1230 mmX 620 mm to 1000 mmX1000 mmX500 mm. They have a density from 10kg/M3 to 40kg/M3 and can also be customized as per the requirements of the customer. These sheets or blocks are lightweight and eco friendly and enable in easy transportation. They are used for packaging of glass articles, gift articles, and electronic component

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EPS Thermocol usually comes in the form of Blocks and is  highly efficient and sturdy and provide high levels of protection against harsh surface during Transit. They are Extensively used in Packaging Industry for Packing Small to Complex items and these blocks can be moulded in Custom Shapes and Sizes depending on the Nature of Material to be Packed.



• Available in varied sizes for a wide range of applications

• Lightweight & eco friendly Application



• Glass articles

• Gift articles

• Electrical/ electronic components

• Automobile industry


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