Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are also known as submersible water pumps. Power Frequency of pump is 50-60 Hz. The pumping level is 200 meter and above and it is mainly used for mining, power plants and other related sectors.

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Detailed Description for Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps

A submersible pump is a device that consists of hermetically sealed motor. As the name suggests, the whole submersible centrifugal pump is immersed in the fluid that needs to be pumped. However, before using this circulation pump, it is made sure that fluid shall not cause any mechanical or chemical damage to the pump. This industrial pump has been chosen by considering several factors such as temperature, viscosity and pH value of a fluid.

The submersible pumps are multi-stage centrifugal pumps that operate in vertical position. The fluids to be pumped are subjected to the great centrifugal force, which is caused by the rapid rotational speed of the impeller, which makes the diffuser to lose its kinetic energy and convert this energy to build pressure and pump the fluids.


Residential sector

Commercial sector

Sewage treatment industries

Water treatment industries

Agricultural farms

Fire fighting systems

Water supply system

Lowering underground water level

Water supply from wells or reservoirs


Suitable for submarine applications

Trouble-free installation with baseless foundation

Protects against overloading

Rust free coating

Light weight and compact





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Pumping capacity Posted on 8/11/2016

Check the head capacity curve that shows how much water to expect from what depth for a given HP and efficiency range.

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