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Water pumps are the devices that are used to draw water from a source and moved to a needed location to purify and used for irrigation, washing, sewage treatment, evacuating water from an undesirable location etc. There is need to pump water with a device to achieve the movement of water from lower levels to higher elevations.

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Pumps are mechanical devices that shift liquids or gasses matter from one place to another by spending energy. Pumps make use of electric energy to perform mechanical work. They are grouped into direct lift, displacement and gravity pumps.

Pumps are one of the most oldest and well-known machines. They exist in variety of styles.


1.    CENTRIFUGAL PUMP: these pumps are used to transport liquids and slurry by converting rotational kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow. The fluid penetrates the pump impeller near the rotating axis, constantly flowing outward to a volute casing. The casing marks the exit of the flow of liquid.  It is commonly used in vacuum pumping, water and sewage pumping, pumping petrochemicals etc. Water turbines implement a reverse function of centrifugal pumping principle.

Different categories of centrifugal pumps are,

·       Vertical centrifugal pumps: they are also known as cantilever pumps. They have a unique shaft and bearing support which allows the volute to hang inside the sump.

·       FROTH PUMPS: they are mainly of use in extraction of oils and mineral sand. Froth generated tends to block the conventional pumps.  A special type of impeller and expeller allows the air escape through the holes drilled on them.

·       MULTISTAGE PUMPS: These types of pumps contain more than two impellers. Its most common application is boiler feed water pumps. High pressures can be achieved by connecting the impellers in series.

2.    SOLAR-POWERED PUMP: The pump runs from the electricity generated by solar power by means of photovoltaic panels. The operation is economical and lower maintenance costs. Its environmental friendly since renewable energy of sunlight is used. It contains solar panels, controller and pump.

3.    SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: These pumps are submerged in fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of using this pump is it prevents pump cavitations, a problem that arises with elevation differences between pump and fluid levels. They have applications in handling seawater, deep well drilling, mine and irrigation systems.


·       Obtaining water from underground wells for various day-to-day activities such as cooking, drinking, washing etc.

·       To pump water as a coolant in solar heating systems.


·       Full time operation

·       MPPT controller is provided for high efficiency

·       Cost efficient

·       Low maintenance cost

·       Requires less battery consumption

·       Easy installation

·       3 phase AC operation



Pumps are powered by various means such as,

·       Human mechanical power

·       Electric motors

·       Solar or photovoltaic collector

·       Wind power

·       Fuel powered engines such as diesel, gasoline and steam

·       Battery powered


·       Pumping water from wells

·       To filter aquariums

·       In filtering ponds

·       In car industry for water cooling and fuel injection

·       Drinking water supply

·       Agricultural water supply

·       Industrial water supply


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