Gun. Manipulator for Convertor

The gun in which material is fed from the conveying unit - basic gunning m/c acts as the manipulator. The carrying capacity ranges from 3tons-4tons and above,volume of water system ranges from 60ltr-70ltr and above.

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The brick linings of converters particularly trunnions, are submitted to mechanical stresses, thermal shocks and metal/slag corrosion. These areas are repaired by gunning in order to increase the life of the converters. The main advantage of a shooter equipment is the remote controlled system which allows the operator to move away from heat, and to conduct easily a gunning operation.
The gun to which material is fed from the conveying unit - basic gunning m/c acts as the manipulator i.e. it has got all the basic movements (swiveling, tilting, rotating, forward, backward) so as to reach every corner of the converter for easy maneuvering during hot repairs. The manipulator is mounted on a transporter, which is diesel driven and thus can move to every corner of the converter shop and also can be easily positioned before the converter.
Material from the basic gunning machine is fed to the gun via feed hose by compressed air. Water is added to the material at the gun while being conveyed pneumatcally. The mixed material is sprayed at the intended position by the same blast of air.
The operator through a remote control panel positions the gun inside the converter at a correct distance & angle from the desired spraying point . The operator can easily guide the manipulator inside the converter so as to uniformly deposit the spraying material at the eroded portion.


·         Lance cooling arrangements are provided so as to withstand the very high heat radiation's during operation.

·         Lance cooling system is independent from the water used for gunning.

·    Spraying water & effective mixing of spraying water is ensured so as to increase workability, lower rebound loss & ensures durability of lining.

·         Water tank is provided. Arrangements for easy adaptability to varying mix both in quantity and quality.

·         The remote control panel makes it easy for the operator to manipulate the gunning operation properly and efficiently.

·         Manpower required can be limited to 1 provided arrangements for bag filling to the basic machine is ensured.

·         PLC controls with all safety alarm systems

·         Thermal shields are provided at the desired positions to protect the machine from heat radiations during gunning.

·         Automatic hose winding systems are installed to avoid the kinking & jamming of the hoses.

·     The speed of all the hydraulic actuated movements are controlled by proportional valves and hence speed can be varied at a continuous rate as desired so as to adjust to varying erosion level for maintaining uniform thickness after gunning.

·         Brake valves so as to provide safety during power failure and stalling operations secure the hydraulic actuated movements.

·         The machine is a mobile unit, which is self-driven & no other electrical connections from main power supply is required

·     Special slewing rings are used for swiveling and rotational movements, which has got a higher life inspite of extreme working conditions.

·         Flow rate, water quantity and temprature are measured during the gunning operation.


    Standard Accessories:-

·         Transporter

·         Closed circulation Water Cooling system

·         Portable remote control panel water tank

·         Oil cooling system

·         Feed hose along with fittings

·         Thermal shields

·         PLC Control System

·         Hydraulic System



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