Gunning Machine

The gunning machine is of continuous type which works on a special rotor system.The specially designed rotor carries out transportation of the refractory lining material (dry or earth slightly moist) from the storage sieve hopper and stirring star to the conveying hose.Driven by electric motor,power ranges from 5.5KW and above.

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The gunning machine is of continuous type with operation based on a special rotor system. The specially designed rotor helps in transporting the refractory lining material (dry or earth slightly moist) from the storage sieve hopper and stirring star to the conveying hose. The material is then pneumatically conveyed to the gunning nozzle. A required amount of water is mixed effectively at the nozzle and consequently gunned or sprayed. Dry spraying can also be done as and when required. Using separate nozzles suiting to each application can do hot as well as cold gunning.


The machine can be used for gunning operations in EAF, Ladle and Lip and tap hole of LD vessel., Coke ovens, Tundishes, Blast furnace troughs, LD converter etc. by attaching certain accessories as suited to different applications. Also, it can be applied for large quantity gunning in combination with big bags, silos, large stationary hoppers etc. The machine can also be used for injecting additives, conveying dry bulk materials over long distance.

Special Features

·        Vibrating hopper with sieve & stirring star facilitates smooth & easy bin discharge at a specified grain - size without any jamming. (Pneumatic vibrator -- Imported item) - Optional.

·         Highly wear resistance material for the top & bottom stationary liners, rotor bushings etc. ensures a very high wear life.

·      Automatic Lubrication of top & bottom liners not only increases the wear life but also gives higher conveying efficiency & power consumption. (CENLUB make pneumatic lubrication system compatible with glycerin/Lubricating oil)

·    Variable speed drive which helps in infinite selection of conveying capacity & makes the machine useful for a higher range of applications (LENZE make imported drive)

·        Standardized superposed rotors also helps in varying conveying capacity & easy changeover.

·     Polychain GT drives for transmission, facilitates easy maintenance, higher life & noise less operation (Imported GATES toothed belt)

·     Water pressure increasing pump for increasing water pressure for efficient mixing at nozzle so as to increase workability, lower rebound loss & ensures durability of lining. Also, it is easy to adjust with consequent variations of the mix both in quantity & quality (optional).

·    The rotor fixing & clamping arrangements are designed in such a way so as to ensure easy rotor replacements and efficient clamping. It also helps in finer adjustments as required by different operating conditions and thus reduces wear.

·        The machine is compact & mobile. Dust filter is provided to ensure dust free environment.

·     Proper electrical interlocks to ensure air & water supply prior to rotation of rotor so as to avoid rotor jamming & wear & tear of parts.

·         Air filter is incorporated in the air conveying ckt so as to ensure moisture free & contamination free air.

Standard Accessories

·         Vibrating Hopper (optional)

·         Liner lubrication system

·         Spraying nozzle (as specified by customer)

·         Conveying hoses, Couplings (suiting to requirements)

·         Water pressure increasing pump (optional)

·         Air filter

·         Different rotors with kit (as specified by customer)

·         Dust filter sack



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