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The Ring & Roller Mill is particularly used for obtaining the fractions.This mill, particularly useful for crushing refractory materials, is usually used as a secondary grinder in combination with an Air Separator.Weight ranges from 6tons and above.

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The Ring & Roller Mill is particularly suitable for obtaining the fractions. This mill, particularly useful for grinding refractory materials, is generally used as a secondary grinder in combination with an Air Separtor.

Construction - The body is of robust construction consisting of casing in two halves and three yokes for housing the roller shafts with wearing rings and plates complete with cover plates for dust protection. The grinding is done by one rind and three rollers. The whole Mill is compact unit to withstand the vibrations caused while grinding.

Grinding Tools - Three convex-shaped rollers and one matching concave-shaped ring (to prevent lateral displacement) do the grinding. The motor drives the top roller which in time drives the rind by frictional contact. The ring in turn drives the two bottom rollers. Manganese Steel is used to give longer life to the rind and rollers. The rollers are pressfitted on the roller shafts which are supported at ends by the yokes on strong roller bearings.

Pressure Spring - Each roller is pressed against the ring by a pressure spring located between the casing and the yoke. The spring is centrally placed on the yoke to ensure uniform pressure distribution.

Economy - Due to its unique design features this Mill gives maximum economy of power of grinding. The beating and the frictional contact with the adjustable pressure gives remarkably high grinding effect. The material is continuously in circulation and stays inside the mill for a very short time. Hence, power consumption is very low compared to the high grinding effect.

Adjustment - The great advantage of the Ring and Roller Mill is that the fineness of the product can be adjusted to any desired size by simply adjusting the pressure spring. As wearing takes place in the Mill the springs are adjusted to maintain the desired fineness. The adjustement of the spring is very simple and can be done while Mill is running.

Safety - As the rollers are spring supported occasional tramp iron or big hardlump of material in the circuit will not damage the mill.

Environment - Due to minimum number of moving parts, the noise level of the Ring and Roller Mill is minimum. Extra care has been taken to ensure that it gives dust free operation.


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