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These respirator masks filter dust particles while sanding and cutting a variety of materials, protecting your lungs and throat. These are available with various specifications such as Material : Cotton, Non- Woven, Activated Carbon Cotton, Color : White, Blue, Filter Efficiency (%) : 90, 95.

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Mask is a flexible pad held over the nose and mouth by elastic or rubber straps to protect against dusts encountered during construction or cleaning activities, such as dusts from drywall, concrete, wood, fiberglass, silica (from ceramic or glass production), or sweeping. A dust mask can also be worn to protect against allergens. A dust mask is worn in the same fashion as a paint mask or surgical mask, but it is dangerous to confuse the three because they each protect against specific airborne dangers. Using the wrong mask for a job can present a significant and possibly deadly danger as many dust masks with widely varied levels of protection may look similar, and even masks that do not protect against dust at all, such as paint masks and surgical masks may look similar to dust masks.


  • Use while sanding wood, metal, dried paint, cutting masonry/concrete or installing fiberglass
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Heavy duty straps

Dust masks are a cheaper, lighter, and possibly more comfortable alternative to respirators, but may not provide as much protection, and may be more susceptible to misuse or poor fit.

Some dust masks include improvements such as having two straps behind the head (one upper and one lower), having a strip of aluminum on the outside across the bridge of the nose that can be bent for a custom fit, and having a strip of foam rubber on the inside across the bridge of the nose to ensure a good seal even if the aluminum on the outside does not fit.




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