Light Duty Roller Conveyor

Light Duty Roller Conveyor is a type of conveyor belt. The overall length of this conveyor belt ranges from 10-30ft and above, overall frame width from 12-24ft and above, weight from 462-605lbs. It is available in green, blue and numerous other colors. This belt is used for accumulating cartons, boxes and various other things.

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The simplest method ever devised for accumulating cartons, boxes, etc. Basic design eliminates complicated adjustments and allows a minimum of 2% back pressure.

The driving of the tread rollers on the minimum pressure conveyor is accomplished with the top surface of a standard section endless V belt. The strength and wear qualities of the tread rollers and this belt have been thoroughly tested for continuous duty. To maintain the driving of the tread roller, the pressure roller is mounted in spring adjusted carriers Which sense the required driving friction regardless of the length of accumulated load. This pressure can be maintainedconstantlytogivea2%minimum back pressure in either a forward or reverse direction. In the event of extreme changes in unit load (weight of box or package), convenient knurled thumb adjusting nuts can be turned to accept this heavier load. This method liminates the need for selecting proper tension spring holes in trigger mechanisms or jogging cleatson driving belt and eccentric (off center) tread rollers. By maintaining a constant minimum pressure on the tread rollers, long loads may be conveyed, accumulated or stopped on the conveyor at any point using very little motor horsepower and giving practically no pressure between boxes or packages.

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